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Regular practice of yoga has a lot of benefits, from increased focus to overall health. Through practice we transform our lower aspects of self and move towards unity and connectedness. We get a deeper understanding of our body & spirit and life. Take a look at the classes I teach and find one that fits your schedule and lifestyle.

Yoga Styles

Hatha yoga classes

In the Hatha Yoga courses, techniques from different yoga styles are practiced. Hatha Yoga is the umbrella term for all yoga styles. We practice physical exercises (asanas), breathing exercises (pranayama), meditation exercises and other techniques from the field of yoga. The difficulty of the exercises is adapted to the participants. Lessons can be dynamic, but body shapes can also be held for a long time. The classes are shaped by Sivananda Yoga, but also include Vinyasa and Kundalini Yoga techniques.
These lessons are beginner-friendly.

Zem Yoga Feldkirch Vinyasa
Vinyasa Yoga Feldkrich Meditation
Vinyasa Zem Yoga Feldkirch Dreieck

Vinyasa Yoga

A very dynamic course. Here the body forms (asanas) are practiced in specific sequences and we use a strong breathing technique of Kundalini Yoga. By concentrating on the breath (Ujjayi), energetic seals (Bhandas) and the eye focus (Drishti), a space of deep insight and exploration of the inner world opens up within. For practitioners with experience in yoga.

Yoga Feldkirch Unterarmstand
Yoga Feldkirch Handstand
Yoga Feldkirch Titthibhasana

Arm Balance & yoga

In my practice, the Arm Balance Positions are always an inspiring force and fill my practice with a lot of joy & fun. They offer the opportunity to learn a lot about yourself and increase our will, concentration and stamina. All aspects that are urgently needed on the spiritual path. In this course the body & Mind prepared for Arm Balance shapes to master them. Handstand, crow, headstand, forearm stand and much more are practiced here.

Yoga Feldkirch Arm Balance Peacock
Yoga Feldkirch Handstand
Yoga Feldkrich Skorpion

Kundalini Yoga

Here we work very strongly with the body's energy system. A large part of these exercises are from the Sukshma Vyayama system (exercises to strengthen the body and mind). With these exercises we add a lot of prana to the body and the energy system. So that illnesses and any suffering can be compensated. We use the energetic seals (bhandas) to stimulate these power centers and to increase and better sense the energy flow. We practice a very powerful breathing exercise that demands and strengthens the body and mind very much, in order to elicit their profound secrets from them.
This style is suitable for everyone

Hatha Yoga Feldkirch
Kundalini Yoga Feldkirch
Yoga Feldkirch Kundalini
Hatha Yoga Feldkirch Kopfstand
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